5 Reasons You’ll Want a Garage Door Repair Specialist


Are you a DIY enthusiast? Lots of property owners love to tackle small and large projects, and it makes sense. Yet, there are some, more technical tasks that are best if left in the hands of experienced professionals. As most agree – it is wisest to stick with what you know best, and nowhere is this truer than where garage door system repairs are concerned.

If you think this is a DIY area of the home, we’d like to give you 5 arguments against that, and we believe you’ll agree by the time you’re done reading!

If You Appreciate Safety…

If you want to be safe at all times, you have to consider the ways that garage doors are dangerous. For one thing, they can be remarkably heavy based on their age and materials. And if your property has a double garage door (one that is 16’ wide), or one that has not been well‑maintained, then safety is at even greater risk.

Also, when thinking about safety or danger where garage doors are concerned, most of us forget that the doors are the largest moving pieces of our homes. Forgetting this is behind the hundreds of serious injuries that occur each year when property owners attempt DIY repairs. As an example, doors have fallen following a failure of lifting cables or a broken spring, and the size and weight of doors lead to serious injury.

Just consider, a single door with a steel exterior at a 1¾" (45‑mm) thickness (at the traditional 9' (2.7 m) width) will weigh from 130 to 175 lb. (60 to 80 kilos). If it is a double door, the weight can be from 60 to 350 lb. (10 to 160 kilos)!

A professional will be able to look at a door, see any risks in the situation and know how to execute repairs that will not allow for anyone to be injured by the door falling unexpectedly or closing incorrectly.

If You Understand Experience

Can you clearly explain how a garage door system works? Do you understand fully the ways that every hardware component interacts with the system? Can you, for instance, detail how the counterweight system makes it easy for you to lift your garage door with just one hand? Most of us cannot fully explain what it takes for the system to operate or even what specific parts do, and that alone is why you cannot do repairs on a DIY basis.

Garage door technicians know every facet of the different systems they repair, they know how to troubleshoot problems and specifically where to look in a system for certain issues. They know all about balancing the door, ensuring it is going to operate safely for the long term and so much more. They also know if something is wearing out prematurely, what to do to fix it, and even how to gauge the weathertightness of a door!

If Peace of Mind Matters

So, you now know that DIY garage door system repairs open you up to the risks of improper or incomplete repairs, or even your causing more problems to develop in the short term. Your inexperienced “fixes” can even lead to worse problems, and this is particularly true when you try to repair an electric garage door opener yourself.

Of course, any DIY repairs do not come with the peace of mind that a skilled expert delivers, particularly if they provide you with a written guarantee of the work they have done and the parts they have changed. Most guarantees extend a full year, and ensure that the work done meets your needs and is done properly the first time it occurs.

If Saving Time and Money Matters

Garage door specialists are also going to get right to the heart of the matter, explaining what the problem is, how to fix it and whether a larger issue is a work. The years of experience that they have often lets them assess and evaluate issues quickly, and while they do their job, you can enjoy the free time you would have spent attempting a repair yourself.

Of course, it goes beyond saving you time. After all, the goal of the professional is to deliver the long‑term operation of your garage door. This means no repeat calls for service or repairs. And that means you save money over the long‑term, too.

If you still think you can save money trying to repair your own door or garage door opener, it may end up being more expensive simply because you might not make the right repair, you might break something else, and you may be at risk for invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty by doing the work yourself.

So, you save time and money, and the garage door professionals even come with insurances that cover personal injury and damage to your property – things you won’t have if you get hurt during DIY repairs!

If Responsibility Matters

Lastly, you’ll want to hire experts for garage door repairs because it erases your liability. As an example, you do a DIY repair and a neighbor gets hurt by the door. If it is determined that a DIY repair you did led to the accident, your personal responsibility and liability may be substantial.

Why run the risk of such a situation? Trust highly qualified professionals because they know garage door systems like no one else.

Don’t Wait

If you face garage door repairs, don’t hesitate to contact us toll‑free at 860-666-9315 for issues large or small. We know garage doors and openers inside out, and offer expert advice, explain the best options for your needs, and all while respecting your budget. Let us email a quotation to you or you can head to our show room and look at new garage doors. You can also sample styles on your home through our Design Centre or visit the image gallery to get lots of clever ideas.

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