Why we recommend Garaga

Here at B&B Overhead Door, we have come to realize that Garaga is without a doubt one of the best, if not the very best, in its industry. After over 30 years of garage door expertise, the company is known to provide its customers with products of durability, reliability and of superior quality. Additionally, Garaga thrive at serving its customers with the best possible experience, delivering end-to-end customer service that exceeds expectations every time.

At B&B Overhead Door, we are proud to be part of the Garaga Experts Network. A network made up of a select group of professionals who meet stringent requirements for knowledge, experience, and reputation and whose prowess extends from the sales consultants and qualified installation experts through to the customer service personnel and service technicians. We strongly recommend this company because we believe that with Garaga, you are guaranteed Quality work... time after time! TM

Why GARAGA garage doors are the best doors on the market:


Even through the toughest, coldest North American winters, GARAGA garage doors are strong enough to keep the heat in and the cold out. With their high level of insulation and their thermal bridge characteristic, these doors will cut your energy bill, leaving you and your family warm and happy. A big rain storm is approaching? No worries! GARAGA garage doors are built to perform in any weather! See what we mean from our performance videos we made to assure you Garaga is the best choice!


Garaga products outstand all standards, always exceeding expectations. The company is proud to serve them to their customers, and are glad to offer a limited lifetime warranty for most of their garage door models. Trust Garaga and they will make sure you get the garage door of your dream, the one that will last you for over 30 years and more. Let Garaga give you peace of mind.

Style and Design

Not only are GARAGA garage door durable and weathertight, but they also respond to your needs and taste in order to harmonize with the appearance of your home, giving it personality. Their products are offered in various different models, each of which are styled to adapt to local preferences and specific architectural styles. Furthermore you can choose among many beautiful colours, practical accessories, and if you feel like giving your door a sophisticated look, you can choose to add windows. Garaga offers one of the most extensive choices of decorative garage door windows on the market.

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