November 24, 2017

Can a Garage Be Dangerous for a Car?

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Honestly, there are many words we might all find ourselves using to describe our garages. Crowded, necessary, and frequently used are but a few. If you are someone who cannot say that your garage is empty, spacious and free of clutter, then we have some tips for you. After all, if you use your garage for both storage and parking the car, it can be difficult to keep possessions in good shape and keep the car protected too. The good news is that we have several easy tips that can ensure the garage is safe for the car and all of the rest of the stuff inside it.

How to park your car safely

Overcrowding in the garage means that the car is vulnerable to all kinds of problems. Parking safely is a big challenge because you need space to open the doors and room to maneuver inside the garage. So, what are some affordable solutions? We recommend the following:

Foolproof parking

String, ball, success! To keep costs under control, just hang a tennis ball from some sturdy string, and connect it to the area of the garage door that lines up with the ideal spot to stop the car. When you open the door, the ball will drop down into place, and as soon as the front or rear window contacts the ball, stop the car. Safe parking done!

Parking mats – You can also spend a small amount and acquire long lasting PVC mats that create a small “bump” over which you drive. Once your tires clear the first bump, stop the car. Safe parking accomplished!

Pvc parking mats

Super tech to the rescue – If you are fan of technology, laser pointers can save the day. You install them on the roof of the garage and aim the beam at the dashboard of the parked car. Whenever you enter the garage, the light comes on and you just stop when the beam hits that sweet spot! High tech parking done!

Pvc parking mats

How to protect car doors

Of course, the risks to your car and possessions are not over with good parking. After all, crowded spaces can lead to damaged doors or broken belongings. That means you need to find affordable ways to safeguard everything. One of the most affordable is the “foam pool noodle”. Simply line up the noodle along the wall and secure it with sturdy screws. When you open the door, the noodle prevents damage to that side of the car.

And if you have two cars side by side? Use the same approach, just use sturdy wooden posts set in cinder blocks or a base and attach the noodle to the posts to prevent door dings.

How to protect car doors

Be sure to properly secure tools to the walls and don’t overload shelves

Of course, one of the biggest risks is carelessness. By looking around, you will see things like tools leant against walls rather than safely hung or secured. There are many creative ways to create wall racks, so go online and find one you like.

Remember too that overloaded shelves and racks on the walls are a threat. This can lead to items falling from shelves on to the floor or the car. Use this as a chance to assess what is needed, what is not, and organize properly. No one wants a can of paint to hit the car!


As a warm, secure and safe space, the garage always attracts rodents in the winter months. While good weatherstipping along the bottom of a door is a great form of security, many owners fail on this aspect. If your garage is heated and insulated, this lets precious money escape and allows rodents inside. With some mice able to fit into holes not much bigger than a coin, it is of the utmost importance to ensure the bottom weatherseal is in place, meets the threshold and is impervious to intruders of the whiskered variety.

The furry hazards

Don’t think that the non-insulated or unheated garage is free of danger. Mice will happily take up residence near the motor of a car, chewing wiring, eating filters and creating a mess. The solution? Apart from ensuring good weatherstipping and weatherseals is to use mothballs scattered beneath the vehicle – rodents despise the smell and will not even enter a garage with it, let alone a car.

Don’t ignore road salt

If you are a resident of a cold climate, you know the damages that road salt can do to the car. Though it keeps roads save, it is incredibly corrosive. Leaving it on the car is unwise, but rinsing the car inside the garage is not a good idea as the salt can spread everywhere. This is why a regular visit to your local car wash is a good solution. Avoid trips when temperatures dip to 5°F / -15°C and less, unless you have a heated garage.

Car wash

Some final words

Keeping your belongings and car safe in the garage is a matter of common sense and basic precaution. Use this as a good opportunity to clean out the garage and eliminate clutter. Toss anything unused or donate it to a worthy charity. If items are bulky, many charities will do free pickups.

Don’t forget that a good garage door is part of the safety, too, and a good tune‑up or even a new door may be in order. If so, contact us at 860-666-9315.

Not sure about costs? We are happy to offer a custom quotation via email, or pay a visit to your property to help you understand all your choices. If you would like a bit of design help, our online Design Centre lets you test as many styles as you’d like, and our image gallery is always an inspiration.


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