If your garage door is making noises, you may need to act!

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Let me guess, a while ago your garage door started making noises, but it’s still opening and closing fine, so you’re wondering whether you should be concerned…

Well, it all depends on what type of noises it is making, it could be a simple case of lack of lubrication, or it could be a sign that you need to have your garage door serviced before it becomes a more serious issue.

We’ve compiled this handy post to help you identify the kind of noise your garage door is making and to advise you about the steps to take when faced with these noises.

A clunky, thumpy noise when the door opens and closes

This type of sound is normally a sign that the garage door opener is having trouble lifting and lowering the door. This is a problem that you need to investigate.

Have a look over the top of your garage door and check whether one of the torsion spring is broken (double garage doors have two, single garage doors have one). If your one and only torsion spring is broken over your single garage door, the door opener may still be able to open the door, but this does pose a safety risk. It is, however, highly unlikely that both torsion springs on your double door break at the same time.

If you do have a broken spring, you must act without delay! Call a garage door specialist right away and have the situation remedied.

Boom clunk thump

A continuous clinky noise when the door opens and closes

This continuous noise is not as loud as the thumpy noise described above and may be caused by several different things.

In most cases, spring coils have become rusty from the cold, humid atmosphere in the garage, and are rubbing against each other. In other cases, this could be a sign that your roller are defective and need replacing before they fall off.

A constant squeaky noise when the door opens and closes

This sharper sound is usually caused by a lack of lubrication to the exterior frame weather‑stripping and the weather-stripping between garage door sections. These PVC parts can dry out over time and stick together, causing them to squeak.

A grinding noise when the door opens and closes

This unpleasant metal sound is usually related to the chain or belt on your garage door opener, it may be too loose or too tight and needs adjusting.

Can I fix it myself?

It really depends on the issue at hand, if it’s a case of a lack of lubrication, you can buy the right type of lubricant from your local garage door specialist and do it yourself. For metal part, you’ll need to apply a petroleum-based oil to the rollers, hinges and springs; for PVC part, you’ll need to apply a silicone-based lubricant to the weather-stripping at the bottom of the door, between the door sections and around the exterior frame.

Now, if you’re looking at a more serious problem, i.e. a broken torsion spring, you must call a garage door specialist, ideally you want it repairing within 24 hours.

If your door needs any repairs whatsoever, hire a professional. Your door has been calibrated to counterbalance a specific weight and any tinkering around you do with it could throw it off balance and transform your garage door into a dangerous, large moving object that could cause some serious damage.

How often should I have my door tuned-up?

Looking after your garage door is a little bit like looking after your car; it definitely needs tuning-up every 18 months if it’s over five year’s old. If you’re looking for the right person to service your garage door, you’ve come to the right place! As a well-established company, we’re not afraid to guarantee our work. Contact us today at 860-666-9315 to schedule our residential maintenance program. This program includes a 26-point checklist, adjustments and lubrication of your garage door’s main parts, so you can sleep easy knowing your garage door is in good hands. If you prefer, we can email you a quotation. Or you can come down to our showroom to speak to us in person.

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